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How do I play Track?

We'll update this page with informative YouTube videos on how to train for respective track and field events. The purpose of these types of videos it to further athlete's knowledge in different events and make them aware of what kinds of videos to watch.​

Sprinting (100m - 400m)

  • How to Do A-Skip / B-Skip with Proper Form: Find Your Stride with Coach John Smith

  • How to Set Up Starting Blocks

Middle Distance (800m - 1500m)

  • How to Run the 800m | Nick Symmonds

Sprint Hurdles (60mH/80mH/100mH/110mH)

  • Best of the 2017 CTF Hurdle Clinic (Cut Step Drill)

How do I play Field?

Long Jump

  • Long Jump Technique - The Full Approach

  • Long Jump - Proper Landing Technique


High Jump

  • Exceptional Take Off Drills to Increase your High Jump




Shot Put

  • Shot Put Drills: Glide Progression

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