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Mission Statement

The purpose of Split City Sonics Track & Field Club is to promote fair and competitive opportunities for youth athletes to enhance their fundamental training skills, create a positive learning experience, and to develop values for athletes to use outside of athletics. We believe in an athlete-centered approach by providing athletes the means necessary to develop both physical and mental capabilities to perform at their best. 

Coaching Philosophy

As a coaching staff, we believe that all athletes shall be given the opportunity to train and compete, with the overall goal of creating a positive learning environment where athletes feel confident in their event and skill capabilities. We encourage a train to compete atmosphere, as we have various athletes with goals to be competitive at all levels. We work with all athletes to develop physical literacy, develop specific event skill capability, and to ensure personal excellence within each day. With each season, our overall goals remain the same: be competitive as a team and individually at meets, qualify numerous athletes for respective teams, and promote the team in a positive manner to future athletes, parents, and stakeholders.

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